Change Is Certain.

Wow! What a year it has been?

It all goes so fast.

And, as is goes by it changes.

We all find ourselves it different stages in life, and as a result — we are undergoing changes as well.

There is a saying “that the only things that is certain in life are death and taxes”, but I would argue change is also certain.

In fact, it is so certain we plan for it.

And, we build systems of protection to minimize the risks associated with it.

As your leading Southern Michigan Insurance brokerage agency, we offer many  types of insurance from several outstanding insurance providers to help you navigate these changes.

We Get Busy and Forget.

The demands of life unfortunately often lead to busyness and distraction.

When that happens, we neglect reviewing and updating important documents.

One such document are the insurance policy (ies) which protect us.

To help you better identify which transitions in life could require a change in your insurance here are 6 changes to consider.

6 Reasons To Considering A Change / Update of Your Insurance

The Mahar Insurance Agency can help change / update your Michigan insurance polies(ies) for these six common transitions:

#1 Living away from home for college

Homeowners insurance policies will typically offer full-time students under the age of 24 coverage.

However, not every insurance provider offers Michigan policy holders such a benefit.

Mahar Insurance transition expert are available to help make sure your college student is covered.

Also, part-time students, or students older than 24 might need to take out renters insurance to protect their assets.

In selecting an apartment over a dorm room your separate will most likely need a separate renter’s insurance policy.

Student’s and Vehicles

Typically your student does not need a separate policy if they are driving a family members vehicle to college.

Students whom are co-owners of a vehicle, or have their own vehicles are required to have separate auto insurance policies from their parents.

#2 You are a first-time renter

There are a lot of things that go into renting your first place.

Francee Foster, a Southern Michigan Realtor offers some good suggestions for first-time renters on her blog.

One quote specifically addresses renters insurance. She writes,

So many people miss out on the benefit of renter’s insurance. They try and cut corners, but sometimes it ends up not being a good thing (okay, all of the time). Renter’s insurance really is not a huge expense at all, but can be a big life saver when it comes to making sure you are NOT without a home and belongings later down the road.


In addition to protecting your belongings, a good renters insurance policy also provides worldwide liability protection against situations like breaking a window or running into someone while skateboarding.

The medical bills of someone who accidentally gets hurt in your apartment would likely be covered.

Your renters insurance policy often covers additional expenses like having a place to stay in the event your apartment building burns down due to an electrical fire.

#3 Wedding Bells

Life Insurance as protection and investment

If this is your first time getting married, you will most definitely want to look into life insurance.

Life insurance built the right way can be the most affordable way to help ensure that you and your spouse are able to survive should something disastrous should happen.

Auto Insurance discounts

If you each had separate cars prior to marriage, you can now benefit from multi-vehicle discounts offered by many auto insurance policy carriers.

Protect the diamond

We strongly suggest additional coverage options to protect your wedding and engagement rings from thief and lose.

#4 Did somebody say “baby”?

You might have all the baby accessories and gadgets from the baby shower, but, something you most likely need to adjust is your life insurance policy, and listed beneficiaries.

Some homeowner insurance policies also include special coverage options for stay-at-home moms.

#5 Tired of cold Michigan winters

If you decide to become a snowbird, as long as you are renting another place down south, and you live in your permanent home for more than 6 months in a calendar year, then no change is needed other than a consideration of renter’s insurance.

If you buy a second home down south, that would be a game-changer, but, nothing that Mahar Insurance cannot help you handle.

#6 Transition to assisted-living

With change, comes age.

When you or a loved one enters into an assisted living facility renter’s insurance is strongly recommended.

CONCLUSION: 6 Times To Consider A Change To Your Michigan Insurance Policy

Life has its ups and down.

Life undoubtedly changes.

With does changes your Michigan insurance policies should at a minimum be review to ensure they fit your current life needs.

That said, there is one thing that does not have to change.

So long as Mahar Insurance Agency is in existence you’ll be able to rely on our insurance brokers to help you navigate change and protect the ones you love every step of the way.

Contact us today!