Progressive was founded in 1937. For more than 70 years, they have taken an innovative approach to insurance. The Progressive Group chooses to work with independent insurance agents, like Mahar Insurance Agency because they are instrumental in providing you with the level of service you want when shopping for insurance. At Mahar Insurance we explore ways to ensure a better future for all within the context of our business. We focus on insurance, which is what we know best, while working hard to minimize our effect on the environment. 

  • Auto Insurance 

    Auto Insurance Coverage from Progressive

    Get auto insurance coverage and home insurance calculator that’s customized for you. Progressive and your auto insurance agent offer low rates and money-saving discounts, along with advice on auto insurance coverage that will meet your needs.

    The Progressive Group offers a variety of personal auto motor trade insurance coverage options at competitive rates.

    Coverage Options

    Available Discounts*

    • Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability
    • Comprehensive and Collision
    • Uninsured Motorist/ Underinsured Motorist
    • Medical Payments
    • Personal Injury Protection (where available)
    • Loan/Lease Payoff
    • Rental Reimbursement
    • Accident and Violation Forgiveness
    • Safe Driver Discounts
    • Multi-policy Discount
    • Homeowners Discount

    Get a Free Auto Insurance Coverage Quote Online, Then Talk to Your Auto Insurance Agent offers consumers free and easy online auto insurance coverage quotes. Then, contact your independent auto insurance agent to review the auto insurance coverage quote and buy the policy. With, you get low rates for your auto insurance coverage–and you always have the option to get advice from your auto insurance agent when you need it.

    In addition, your auto insurance agent knows that your auto insurance coverage needs change with time. So if you get married, add a teenage driver, buy a new car, store your car for the winter, or if you move, your auto insurance agent can help you change your auto insurance coverage.

    Your local auto insurance agent will be there for you, anytime you have a question about your auto insurance coverage.

  • Motorcycle Insurance 

    Your Local Motorcycle Insurance Agent and Progressive

    Get motorcycle coverage from the No. 1 motorcycle insurance group in the U.S.* and the benefit of working with a local motorcycle insurance agent.

    A local motorcycle insurance agent offers personal service, knowledgeable advice, and can prepare tailor-made motorcycle insurance options just for you. When you work with a motorcycle insurance agent who sells Progressive, you can rest assured that you’ll have coverage you’ll need when you hit the road or trail.

    Ask your motorcycle insurance agent for a free quote on local motorcycle insurance. Then, join the more than one million other riders who choose Progressive.

    Progressive and your local motorcycle insurance agent offer:

    • Advice and guidance from an independent motorcycle insurance agent
    • Local motorcycle insurance coverage for nearly every rider and motorcycle
    • Lower rates for safe riders, as well as a variety of discounts**
    • Claims settled quickly and fairly by claims representatives who understand bikes… and know you want to get back out on the road as fast as possible
    • Peace of mind knowing you’re covered by the #1 motorcycle insurance company in the U.S.

    Local Motorcycle Insurance Coverage Options

    Your motorcycle insurance agent can help you choose the coverage that fits your needs and your budget. Motorcycle insurance coverage options include:

    • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability
    • Comprehensive & Collision
    • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
    • Medical Payments
    • Custom Parts & Equipment
    • Roadside Assistance

    Find a motorcycle insurance agent in your neighborhood or get a local motorcycle insurance quote online now.

    Other Coverage from the #1 Motorcycle Insurance Company

    Depending on where you live, did you know Progressive and your motorcycle insurance agent also offer ATV insurance, dirt bike, moped, scooter, snowmobile, golf cart and Segway insurance, too? Learn more about these and other Progressive insurance products.

    *No. 1 in motorcycle insurance from 2012 Millward Brown national survey data.

    **Not all discounts apply in all states. Other restrictions may apply in some situations

  • ATV Insurance 

    ATV Insurance Quotes and Agents

    Ride your ATV worry-free. With Progressive and your independent agent, you can get free ATV insurance quotes and advice that will help you find a policy that’s right for you.

    In addition to free ATV insurance quotes, Progressive provides specialized coverage and other benefits you might not get if you insure your ATV on your homeowners policy, such as:

    • Liability limits up to $500,000 (CSL) — higher than limits generally set by homeowner’s insurance
    • Recreational use and off-premises coverage of your ATV
    • ATV custom parts and equipment coverage
    • Progressive’s superior claims service for ATVs

    Homeowners policies often provide only minimal coverage for ATVs. Get peace of mind by talking with an ATV insurance agent who can provide free ATV insurance quotes and guide you on the type of policy that will properly cover you and your ATV.

    You may qualify for additional discounts if you own more than one ATV or have a safe driving record. Contact your independent ATV insurance agent for an ATV insurance quote and help customizing your policy.

    Get started with ATV insurance quotes today.

    Why isn’t my homeowner’s policy a good place to insure my ATV?

    The typical homeowners policy provides only minimal ATV coverage. And if you take your ATV off your property to camp, hunt or ride, it may not cover you at all. Your ATV insurance agent can help ensure you get the coverage you need.

    How can I keep my ATV insurance rates low?

    Several factors affect your ATV insurance rates. While you can’t control all of the factors that apply to you, there are a few things you can do:

    Get ATV insurance quotes – Shop around. Progressive and your ATV insurance agent provide free ATV insurance quotes that will help you compare rates.

    Ride Your ATV Carefully — Maintaining a clean driving record and avoiding accidents can help keep your ATV insurance rates low.

    Choose Your ATV Carefully — ATVs with larger displacement engines, as well as those that are considered more aggressive machines, typically cost more to insure based on the history of claims for those vehicles.

    Ensure all of your ATVs — Progressive offers discounts on policies with two or more ATVs.

  • Snowmobile Insurance 

    Snowmobile Insurance: Snowmobile Insurance Agent

    Progressive and your snowmobile insurance agent offer specialized snowmobile insurance coverage for theft, liability, medical bills, and a whole lot more.

    Progressive Snowmobile insurance policies are available in the states of Alaska, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

    Snowmobile Insurance Availability Map

    Riders choose Progressive for our comprehensive offering of snowmobile insurance coverages, specialized claims service and competitive rates.

    With a Progressive Snowmobile insurance agent and policy, you will receive wide-ranging coverage for you and your sled, such as:

    • Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability
    • Comprehensive & Collision
    • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist
    • Medical Payments
    • Roadside Assistance
    • Accessory Coverage

    Does Progressive Snowmobile insurance include my snowmobile accessories?

    Progressive Snowmobile insurance may include accessory coverage, depending on your state. Ask your snowmobile insurance agent for details. Depending on where you live, accessory coverage may be included at no additional charge when Comprehensive or Collision coverage is purchased. Generally, at least $1,000 of accessory coverage is provided, but this amount varies by state. In some states, additional accessory coverage may be purchased up to a total limit of $30,000.

    Accessories are defined as equipment, devices, enhancements and changes other than those that the manufacturer originally installs, that alter the appearance or performance of your snowmobile. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Any electronic equipment, antennas and other devices used exclusively to send or receive audio, visual or data signals or play back recorded media, other than those originally installed by the manufacturer, and that are permanently installed on your snowmobile using bolts or brackets, including slide-out brackets.
    • Trailers designed to be pulled behind a snowmobile.
    • Custom paint, engine modifications, and suspension/springs.
    • Exhausts, racks, saddlebags, hitches, seats/backrests, and windshields.
    • Safety apparel, including helmets. (Coverage is provided in the event of a Collision loss. Theft is not covered.)
    • Plow blades or winches.

    Please note: Your Progressive snowmobile insurance agent recommends you retain photos of your snowmobile and all receipts for your snowmobile accessories.

    For details on the level of coverage available to you, talk to your independent snowmobile insurance agent.

    How can I save more money on my snowmobile insurance?

    Ask your snowmobile insurance agent how to save on snowmobile insurance. When you insure your snowmobile with Progressive, you may qualify for significant discounts, including a multiple snowmobile discount. Plus, safe riders may receive lower rates, since your driving record helps determine your rate.

    Progressive also offers the following discounts to snowmobile policyholders:*

    • Safety Course discount
    • Homeowner discount
    • Paid-in-full discount
    • Multi-policy discount

    Ask your independent snowmobile insurance agent for your free snowmobile insurance quote today.

    *Discounts not available in all states/situations.

  • Boat Insurance 

    Ask Your Local Boat Insurance Agent About Progressive

    Your boat insurance agent and Progressive offer boat insurance for virtually all types of pleasure boats and watercraft. And, your boatinsurance agent can evaluate your coverage needs to provide the best local boat insurance at the lowest possible rate. Whether you’re buying a new boat, or just making changes to your local boat insurance policy, your boat insurance agent will have the answers you need.

    Specialized Boat Insurance Coverage

    Ask your boat insurance agent for a quote with Progressive, and you’ll find low rates, a variety of discounts* and disappearing deductibles, as well as a variety of specialized coverage options, including:

    • Total Loss Replacement Coverage – If your boat is ever declared a total loss, we’ll buy you a new boat.
    • 24-hour Roadside Assistance – If your vehicle becomes disabled while you’re towing your boat, we’ll be there to help.
    • Fishing Equipment Coverage
    • Personal Effects Coverage
    • On-water Towing
    • Fuel Spill Coverage
    • Wreckage Removal Coverage
    • Property Damage Liability — Coverage for Fuel Spills

    Local Boat Insurance vs. Putting a Boat on a Homeowner’s Policy

    Many people choose to insure their boats on their homeowner’s policy. However, homeowner’s policies typically only provide minimal boat insurance coverage. For example, your homeowner’s policy may not include specialized coverages, such as Total Loss Replacement, Personal Effects or Fuel Spill Coverage – but a local boat insurance policy with Progressive does, so contact your boat insurance agent today.

    Don’t be “sunk” when you have a claim and find out that you don’t have the coverage you really need. Talk to your boat insurance agent and get a local boat insurance policy with Progressive.

    *Boat insurance discounts not available in all states/situations.

  • PWC Insurance 

    Your Personal Watercraft Insurance Agent and Progressive

    Ask your personal watercraft insurance agent for a PWC insurance quote with Progressive. Your personal watercraft insurance agent offers local PWC insurance policies and expert advice, as well as personalized service.

    Personal watercraft insurance agents selling Progressive can offer you coverage from America’s #1 insurer of personal watercraft (PWC), including Jet Skis and WaveRunners. And, when you choose Progressive for your PWC insurance needs, you can get great rates, specialized coverages and optional features you probably won’t get if you insure your PWC on your homeowners policy, such as:

    • Liability limits up to $500,000
    • A wide selection of deductibles
    • Medical Payments Coverage — even for water skiers

    And of course, with Progressive’s PWC insurance, you’ll always receive our superior claims service. Our claims service works fast to settle your claim fairly and get you back on the water.

    Get specialized coverage from your personal watercraft insurance agent

    Progressive and your personal watercraft insurance agent offer insurance options that meet the unique needs of PWC owners:

    • Water Skis — Your water skis are covered at no additional cost.
    • Unlimited Use — You won’t have any time or location restrictions on your PWC insurance.
    • Fuel Spills — You’ll get our help with accidental fuel spills that are your legal responsibility.
    • Personal Items — Don’t worry about your sunglasses, clothing and cameras, etc. — they’re covered under PWC insurance, too.
    • Roadside Assistance — You can count on us for help if your towing vehicle or trailer breaks down.
    • Wreckage Removal — Of course, we hope you don’t wreck your personal watercraft. But if you do, your Progressive PWC insurance will help cover the cost to raise, remove and/or destroy the wreckage when your PWC sinks.

    Local PWC Insurance vs. Coverage on a Homeowner’s Policy

    The typical homeowner’s policy provides only minimal PWC coverage. And it may not include specialized coverages, such as Total Loss Replacement, Personal Effects or Fuel Spill Coverage.

    Don’t be “sunk” when you have a claim and find out that you don’t have the coverage you really need. Talk to your personal watercraft insurance agent and get a quote on local PWC insurance with Progressive.

    Contact a personal watercraft insurance agent today

    The easiest way to determine the best PWC insurance policy for you is tocontact a personal watercraft insurance agent for help. A personal watercraft insurance agent will be able to clarify which items listed above are covered in your local PWC insurance policy.

    Curious how much PWC insurance will cost? Get an online quote now.

  • RV Insurance 

    Your RV Insurance Agent

    Your RV insurance agent is close by and can offer you low rates, discounts and great claims service from Progressive. Ask your RV insurance agent for a Progressive quote today.

    About Progressive’s Recreational Vehicle (RV) Insurance

    With Progressive and your RV insurance agent, you’ll get coverage designed specifically for RVs, including:

    • Full Timers Coverage — If your RV is your home, you get extra insurance coverage.
    • Emergency Vacation Expense — We offer an option for Emergency Vacation Expense that provides up to $2000 for lodging and transportation in the event your RV is damaged.
    • 24-Hour Roadside Assistance — If your motor home breaks down, we’ll send you a tow truck capable of managing your RV.
    • Total Loss Replacement — If you have an accident and total your motor home, we’ll replace it with a new model of similar make and quality.

    A Local RV Insurance Policy That’s There When You Need it Most

    When you buy an RV insurance policy from your local RV insurance agent, you’ll get coverage that protects your RV at home–and on the road. In the event of an accident, Progressive’s specialized coverage will make sure you get back on the road fast. Get the RV insurance that protects your vehicle–and your vacation.

    Low RV Insurance Rates and Big Discounts

    Progressive offers low RV insurance rates and a variety of money-saving discounts*, including Progressive’s Disappearing Deductibles**. When you’ve had a full year without a claim, we’ll reduce your insurance deductible. Ask your RV insurance agent about all of the discounts Progressive offers.

    Your Local RV Insurance Agent

    Independent agents choose Progressive for their RV insurance customers more than any other insurance company. Your RV insurance agent offers free RV insurance quotes, customized policies, specialized coverages–and coverage from a company with more than 25 years of RV insurance experience.

    *RV insurance discounts not available in all states/situations.

    **Disappearing Deductibles not available in all states.

  • Segway Insurance 

    Protect your Segway — talk to a Segway insurance agent

    There’s insurance for cars, mopeds, and golf carts–so it makes sense to have insurance for Segways, too. There is a local Segway insurance agent near you who can help you get Progressive Segway insurance to protect you from unforeseen spills, mishaps, and damage while you’re riding around town.

    For your convenience, your Segway insurance agent and Progressive offer three coverage options for your Segway:

    • Liability, Collision, and Comprehensive
    • Liability Only
    • Liability and Comprehensive

    In all states that sell Progressive Segway insurance policies, up to five drivers and up to four vehicles per policy can be insured. Progressive Segway insurance is not available in Massachusetts or Washington D.C.

    And of course, when your Segway insurance agent sells you Progressive Segway insurance, you’ll always enjoy our superior claims service.

    Contact a Segway insurance agent in your neighborhood for more information about Segway insurance or get an online quote

    If you’re in the market for a Segway, talk to a Segway insurance agent for a quote.

  • Home Insurance 

    Your homeowners insurance agent and The Progressive Home Advantage

    Ask your homeowners insurance agent about Progressive Home Advantage®, provided and serviced by select companies. Progressive Home Advantage can protect your home in cases of fire, theft, storms and more.

    Whether you’re just starting out renting or buying a home, or you’ve built the home of your dreams, Progressive Home Advantage offers home insurance options that are right for you. Your homeowners insurance agent and condo insurance agents can help you choose from standard coverage options that provide basic protection for your home and property, all the way up to deluxe options that better protect your home’s value and assets like jewelry. You can even get coverage that protects you in the event of law suits or identity theft.

    And, if you have your vehicle insured with Progressive, ask your homeowners insurance agent if you qualify for additional savings with Progressive’s Multi Policy Discount.

    Talk to your homeowners insurance agent today to learn how Progressive Home Advantage gives you the protection you need at a rate you can afford.

    Progressive Home Advantage® policies are placed through Progressive Specialty Insurance Agency, Inc. with select insurers that it represents. These insurers are not affiliated with Progressive, are solely responsible for claims and pay PSIA commission for policies sold. Prices, coverages, privacy policies and PSIA’s commission vary among these insurers. A quote from one of the insurers can be provided through this site. Click here for a quote from other insurers or more information about PSIA’s commission.

    Availability: Progressive Home Advantage® policies are offered through select local independent agents in all states except Alaska, Arkansas, California, Florida, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

  • Personal Umbrella Insurance 

    About Personal Umbrella Insurance

    Personal umbrella insurance is coverage that protects your home, property and assets when your home or auto insurance coverage is exhausted.

    Example: You’re in an accident where the judge awards the other party $1 million. Your insurance covers up to $500,000, so you’re responsible for the remaining $500,000. Your umbrella insurance will help pay the remaining amount.

    Progressive offers limits up to $5 million in umbrella insurance coverage to help protect your home, cars, savings — and your lifestyle.

    A Progressive Personal Umbrella Insurance Policy Offers:

    • More liability coverage than most insurance policies provide
    • Personal injury coverage for slander, libel, wrongful eviction or entry, defamation of character, and malicious prosecution claims and more
    • Protection in — and even outside — the U.S.
    • Vacation rental coverage that offers liability insurance for rentals such as jet skis and boats
    • Coverage for houston sex crime lawyer and attorney fees and other defense costs

    How Umbrella Insurance Can Help You

    Juries award damages based on the severity of an accident — not your ability to pay those damages. That means that you could be forced to sell your home and liquidate your assets to cover costs.

    A personal umbrella insurance policy provides the extra coverage you need to help protect your car, house, boat, motorcycle and more.

    Progressive offers competitive rates for personal umbrella insurance. Talk to your independent insurance agent* to see if a personal umbrella insurance policy from Progressive is right for you.

    *Personal umbrella insurance coverage is currently available through select Progressive agents anywhere in the United States except: Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, West Virginia and Wyoming.

  • Pet Injury Coverage 

    Pets are family, too!

    You take them to the park, to the groomer’s, and out for joyrides…we’re talking about your pets. And we think they should be covered by your auto insurance policy.

    That’s why Progressive was the first to offer Pet Injury coverage and is now happy to offer up to $1000 worth of coverage for your dog or cat if they’re injured when you’re in a car, RV, boat, PWC, or commercial auto accident or during a car, RV, boat, PWC, or commercial auto fire or theft.

    And, it’s free. Progressive’s Pet Injury coverage is automatically included with your Comprehensive and Collision coverage on your boat, PWC, or RV policy, and with your Collision coverage on your auto or commercial auto policy.*

    How Pet Injury Coverage Works

    It couldn’t be easier because you don’t have to do or pay anything. It’s absolutely free. You just need to have Collision coverage for at least one vehicle on your auto or commercial auto policy. For RV, boat and PWC policies, you need to have Comprehensive and Collision coverage for at least one vehicle on the policy.

    Pet Injury coverage pays up to $1000 toward veterinary bills if your dog or cat is injured when you’re in a car accident. We also cover them for Comprehensive claims, such as vehicle theft or a fire. In the unfortunate event that your pet dies as a result of injuries sustained in your Collision or Comprehensive claim, we provide a $1000 death benefit.

    Coverage also extends to a cat or dog owned by a relative who lives with you.

    Auto insurance for your pet — now that’s Progressive!

    *Pet Injury coverage is not yet available in North Carolina or New Hampshire. Policies underwritten by Progressive Casualty Insurance Company and its affiliates, including: Drive New Jersey Insurance Co., Progressive American Ins. Co., Progressive County Mutual Ins. Co., Progressive Gulf Ins. Co., Progressive Northwestern Ins. Co., Progressive Classic Ins. Co., Progressive Bayside Ins. Co., Progressive West Ins. Co., Progressive Northeastern Ins. Co., Progressive Security Ins. Co., Progressive Michigan Ins. Co., Progressive Specialty Ins. Co., Progressive Southeastern Ins. Co., Progressive Northern Ins. Co., Progressive Preferred Ins. Co., Progressive Advanced Ins. Co., Progressive Mountain Ins. Co. Headquartered in Mayfield Village, OH. Available in most states. All coverages subject to policy terms and conditions.