When it comes to pets they are part of the family.

This is why having a plan in place for protection of your pet, in the event of a disaster, is so important.

If you live in an area where toranados can hit you have a plan for evaluating to a safe area.

You should have your pets included in this plan.

Important tips to insure your pet’s safety:

#1. Have your pet ID and make sure it is current!

Having a microchip placed by your veterinarian is an important step to keeping your pet safe.

This way if your pet is lost among the shuffle of an emergency the microchip will give the information about your pet’s veterinarian.

Then they can insure your pet(s) will get back to you.

Be sure to keep your information current with your veterinary office.

If a microchip is not feasible be sure to have current owner information on your pet’s tag on a secure collar.

#2. Insure your pet has prepared emergency kit.

After hurricanes in the past have taken the lives of so many pets, the Humane Society has put together a list to include in your pet emergency kit.

An emergency pet kit can be a valuable tool in a needed situation.

#3. Include your pets in your emergency escape plan.

It is very important to have a plan in place in the event of an emergency.

Don’t forget to include your pets in this vital plan.

Have the phone number to places where you can take your pet if they need medical care.

Be sure that any place you plan to go to in an emergency will allow your pets to go with you.

#4. Put stickers on your windows at home.

Putting stickers on your windows, is an important thing you can do that can help save your pets life in an emergency.

This lets emergency rescue personnel know there are pets in the home.

There might be a time that you have to escape and leave your pets in your home.

No one wants to think of escaping and leaving your pet but if your life is in danger you may have no choice.

The stickers will help the rescue workers know what homes have pets.

The ASPCA website has free “pet inside” stickers for you to order.

Knowing what to do in case of an emergency is an important of insuring your pet is safe.

It can literally be life-saving in a dire situation.

#5. Ask your Mahar Insurance Agent about ways to add pets to your insurance policy.

Including your pets in your plan and knowing what to expect will help ensure you, your family’s and your pets safety.