Moving from Indiana to Michigan, or Illinois for a new job, retirement, or other reason?
If so, beyond the excitement and overwhelming challenge of the big move itself, there is the stress of changing your address on all your important documents.

Let’s face it, packing up your whole life and getting it from point A to point B in one piece is challenging enough, but, now you have to tie up all the loose ends, and that includes one of the most critical part of your across border move: insurance.

Will your current policy cover potential damages incurred during the move in your new state? Or, will you need to insure your?

Coverage for movers versus a self-move

Whether you are planning to hire a moving company or you are going to U-Haul it yourself, you should be aware of what coverage options you currently have in place and what coverage options you may need to protect yourself and your stuff while in transit. 

If you plan on hiring movers, do your research ahead of time to find a reputable company. Some companies even specialize in long-distance moves. Use social media to ask for referrals and if anyone you know has recently moved, ask if they recommend their moving company. 

Create a home inventory.

If you don’t already have one, there is no better time than the present to create a home inventory. A home inventory is a comprehensive list of all the items in your home and what they are worth. When you are packing items into boxes, add them to your home inventory list. This way, when you unpack, you can check the items off and make sure they made it safely. If you are tech-savvy, a variety of smartphone apps can help speed the process. If you need help contact us at Mahar Insurance and we will send you a template.

Does your coverage change due to different state laws?

Home insurance coverage.

Often times homeowners believe san francisco dui attorneys current home insurance policy will protect their possessions during a move, but this is not always true. Especially, if moving between states. Most homeowners’ and renters’ policies do offer limited coverage for your personal property while it’s in transit or in storage facilities. However, some standard home insurance policies may not provide coverage for your items if they are broken or damaged by the moving company. It is wise to call your insurance agent before the move to find out the coverage limits specific to your policy.

Auto insurance coverage.

If you’re having your car towed by the moving company, you should also check the details of your auto insurance policy. If you have collision and comprehensive coverage, your personal auto insurance policy may cover your car while it is in transit, but it is always best to double check.

If you are planning on renting a truck, you should ask your auto insurance agent if you’re covered, or if you should purchase additional coverage through the truck rental company.

Moving company coverage.

Every moving company is different, but many provide at least basic insurance coverage for your possessions.

However, this coverage is based on the total weight of your items. Often, the movers assume liability for no more than 60 cents per pound per item. If you don’t want to chance it, full-value protection is usually offered at an additional cost.

This coverage typically pays for full-value replacement or repair of lost, damaged or destroyed property. 

Once the move is officially over

Check your inventory.

Congratulations, you have made it to your final destination [until the next move], it is time to unpack. If you followed the guidance above, your home inventory will make the process go much smoother. As you take items out of boxes, check them off your list. Report any lost or damaged items by filing a claim promptly to the moving company or your insurance company.

Reevaluate your insurance.

You are in a a new state, revisit your home and auto insurance policies. A different house would call for a new home insurance policy, and location is one of the factors that determine premiums. Mahar Insurance is licensed in Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan.

Calling us will simply the process today, tomorrow, and whenever your are ready for your next big move. So, insure your move with Mahar Insurance.