In this day and age, filling up your gas tank is a mundane event that you do without thinking.

It’s like going down a familiar stretch of road and then wondering how you got from your starting point to where you are.

When we get too familiar with our surroundings, we sometimes forget to be cautious. However, when filling up our car with gasoline, it is always important to remember to be cautious.

The main danger in getting gasoline is not the gas itself, but the flammable vapors that can be triggered by even a static spark.

Here are some ways to keep you and your car safe at the gas pump:

Turn off your Car

I was always taught from a young age to turn off my car while refueling it. Although this is a pretty known fact, many people still ignore the precaution. When your car is running, it is continuously making sparks light the fuel to run your engine. Do you really want those sparks to be working while your pumping gas into it? Stay safe and turn your car off when you are refueling.

Refrain from Smoking

It seems strange that in a place so easy to start on fire sells cigarettes and lighters, but just because you can buy them there doesn’t mean you should light them up. Stay away from smoking or striking a light while pumping gas period. The number one reason stations catch ablaze is cigarettes.

Don’t Top off Your Gas

Henschen Oil recommends that when the gas pump reads $20.87, you may be tempted to add a little more gas to get to $21.00, but it’s important not to do this. Topping off your gas can cause spills that can easily be ignited by static sparks, cigarettes, or other lit sources.

Use Correct Gas Containers

If you need gas at home for your lawn mower or weed eater, don’t just grab any old container. Use an approved gas container. Gas containers are specifically designed to hold gas safely. Because static can cause a fire to start, touch the gas pump to the container before you begin pumping to ensure the container isn’t going to cause a static reaction.

Stay out of Your Car

This is one that isn’t regularly taught, but getting in and out of your car can cause static electricity. This static can result in you igniting the fuel being pumped. If you have to get back into your car, make sure to touch the outside of your vehicle before touching the fuel pump to prevent ignition.

Flee a Fire Quickly

Most people think to put a fire out if they see one, but don’t! A fueling station is likely to blow up shortly after first signs of a fire. If you see a fire, scream fire, hop in your car, and get out of there as quickly as possible. You never want to stay in the vicinity of a fire and a fueling station.

Getting gas is something we just don’t think about, but keeping these safety tips in mind can help prevent accidents from occurring.

Be Prepared

Unfortunately accident and incidents occur. Hopefully when the do your vehicle is safely insured.

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