As the old saying goes, “There is no place like home”. Having a child in pre-school and kindergarten is exciting, and yet very different.

Jay, the pre-schooler, loves attending and learning while fully knowing that in a few hours mom and/or dad is going to pick him up and take him home to play with dinosaurs.

Jean, the kindergartner, loves making new friends and learning new things as well, but in her case the bus picks her up.
Fortunately for her, she live in a sub-division where the bus literally stops in front of her house. So when she sees her princess curtains adorning the upstairs window in her room she lights up knowing she is home.

For us parents it is no different. We wonder what their day is like, whether lunch was adequate enough, and if work is being completed accurately and on-time, and most importantly … are they safe.

And, we do not know any of this information until they are home.

Home provides us with a sense of security.

There is no other place that gives such a great sense of safety.

Yet, the security of “home” can sometimes be threatened by weather damage, fallen trees, and unwanted intruders.

To protect the ones you love and enhance the sense of security you and your family feel at home, you need to consider have the following things in place.

Carbon Monoxide, Doors Locks, bolts, and/or chains, Fire extinguisher, Nanny-Camera(s), Reliable home insurance [ Prudential, Safeco, etc, ], Security alarm system [ ADT, Brink, etc. ], and Smoke detectors.

While we are not experts at what products to buy, you can talk to us about what insurance would be best for your need.

You need insurance supported by a local Cass County, Michigan insurance agency that can help you quickly restore order and regain stability.

As a Southern Michigan located home insurance brokerage firm we are here to make sure that you are covered with the insurance you need.

As a broker of insurance in Michigan and the surround region, we partner with more than just one company to guarantee you have the best service and coverage policy at a budget you can afford.

There is no place like home, and Mahar Insurance of Dowagiac, Michigan is here to make sure it stays that way.

Contact us today to review your home insurance policy.