Specialty Insurance

Our specialty markets are very extensive. We can provide coverage for a variety of specialty items, including but not limited to:
Collector Vehicles Watercraft Motorcycles All Terrain Vehicles

Collector Vehicles:
We currently insure over 400 collector vehicles!

  • Chevy’s, Ford, GTO’s, Mopars, etc.
  • Outstanding Markets for Original Collector Vehicles—No Deductibles
  • True Stated Value Coverage


We insure all types and sizes, from small sailboats and jet skis, MasterCraft ski boats, all the way up to the largest yachts.


Hogs to Hondas, and everything in between! You name it—we can usually insure it. Excellent tour bike rates also.

All Terrain Vehicles:

  • 3 Wheelers – 4 Wheelers – Gators – Yard Units
  • We have markets for most types.

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